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Green Hero

There is no hero who never runs out

GREEN HERO is a drink with a confident rabbit character that calms you down, strengthens you and leads you to personal victories during the chaotic maneuvering between overload and time.

A hero who paves the way for you to answer how to live fully but at the same time balanced. Due to the content of CBD, it is one of the drinks of the new normality, with which life begins to be different.


Charge the batteries


Find balance


Expand your horizons
An alternative to caffeine

What exactly is CBD?

Still not sure about the effects of CBD? Relax. We have the answers to your questions.

GREEN HERO was designed as an alternative to caffeine-based drinks with difference. We replaced caffeine with CBD, which completely naturally balanced the body and activated the sparkle of the mind.


Ingredients that have a positive effect on the body


The first drink with CBD in Slovenia


An alternative to caffeine-based drinks


Enriched with a touch of lime


It balances the body and activates the mind


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