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Relax… It’s Summer!

You know that feeling when you book a nice holiday at the beginning of the year, and then summer comes and then … We probably don’t have to finish the sentence. We all know this feeling – or at least everyone who had big plans for the summer of 2020. Instead of swimming in the sea, our plans floated on the water.

Yes, life has turned upside down and a lot of people have decided to spend this summer at work. Especially if you are a freelancer, a manager of a large company or part of an important project, you are probably struggling with continuous work. 24/7. And while unanswered emails pile up in your inbox, you just feel even more trapped. Don’t give up. It’s time to relax!


Try suggestions below. They’ll make sure you’ll get rid of annoying stress for at least 10 minutes. Remember: pauses are important for clearing your head.

1. Take a break  

Take a 5-minute break and go for a walk. Is sun shining? Great, take advantage of it. After all, vitamin D is a natural antidepressant.

2. Eat an orange

Why an orange? It contains vitamin C, which lowers stress hormones. Is there any other vitamin C fruit you like?

3. Cuddle your pet

Animals are the best therapists. If you work from home and have a pet at home, cuddle it. If you don’t have it, there are plenty of fun and cute animal videos on YouTube. That may also help. If nothing else, at least they’ll make you laugh.

4. Inhale

Relax your body and mind with breathing exercises.

5. Eat dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can provide you with vital antioxidants and stimulate your brain to release beta endorphins, which contribute to your happiness.

6. Call a friend

Admit it, you can’t do everything alone. A friend listens and offers you support when you need it.

7. Get yourself a compression ball

A ball filled with rice or something similar, which you can squeeze in the palm of your hand, is a great way for many to release tension. Just be careful not to throw it in anyone’s head.


8. Stretch

9. Turn off your e-mails for a few minutes and play your favorite song (don’t forget the headphones)

10. Clean up your desk

11. Make coffee and invite co-worker to a mini chat

12. Don’t rush with your lunch 

13. Sweet thirteen – treat yourself to a GREEN HERO drink. We probably don’t need to specifically point out why. 😉


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