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We live in a time of pandemic and in these amazing times it's important to think about how to strengthen our immune system in the most natural way. Health is definitely at the top of our life priorities, especially for people with weak immune system. WHAT IS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM? Before we try to understand the impact of CBD on our immune

You know that feeling when you book a nice holiday at the beginning of the year, and then summer comes and then … We probably don’t have to finish the sentence. We all know this feeling - or at least everyone who had big plans for the summer of 2020. Instead of swimming in the sea, our plans floated on

Anxiety. There is no man who would never face anxiety. A fast heartbeat, sweating, racing thoughts. For those living with anxiety, even these "unwelcome" symptoms can make everyday life difficult. Is there any solution to this at all? One that is universal and suitable for all people has not yet seen the light of day, but there are several techniques


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