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Green Hero

Green Hero

The story of a hero

The GREEN HERO drink was designed with the modern man in mind, who wants to enjoy every day despite the ever-faster pace of life. Get into it sovereignly, finish it with a calm head, clear thoughts and ready for tomorrow. Each of us sometimes needs a hero who knows how to guide us through the complex labyrinths of life’s trials and helps us find a way to a balanced level of our consciousness in key moments.

With a confident rabbit character



When we researched the effects of CBD on humans, the positive interaction of this cannabinoid with the human body reminded us of the character and characteristic of the hardened rabbit, which in fairy tales as well as in various ancient cultures symbolizes heroism, spiritual awakening and progress.



The rabbit is the one who triggers sparks of curiosity and a desire for new knowledge in the protagonist of the book classic Alice in Wonderland. One who ingeniously seeks new solutions and paths. He follows intuition, trusts his own judgment, and curiously explores new horizons.



Ingredients that have a positive effect on the body



The first drink with CBD in Slovenia



An alternative to caffeine-based drinks



Enriched with a touch of lime



It balances the body and activates the mind

Be my cocktail hero

Enjoy super Hero drinks


A combination for all lovers of the classic gin tonic, who are not afraid to try something daring and replace the tonic with the GREEN HERO drink. Refreshing and relaxing.


We skipped the mineral water and brown sugar and left for less creative days. We preferred to add GREEN HERO and two slices of lime to the green mojito – because we dare and because we know how to enjoy.


Nothing unpredictable, but enough. Vodka and GREEN HERO – a simple combination with a fruity note has every chance to become one of the classics of our time.


Sometimes we write our thoughts

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